Recycling & Food Recovery Programs

AB 341 is a California state assembly bill that sets a state-wide 75% waste recycling goal. It is commonly referred to as Mandatory Commercial Recycling. On and after July 1, 2012, businesses generating 4 cubic yards a week of waste, and multi-family complexes of 5 units or more are required to recycle. Jurisdictions are also required to implement a program that includes education, outreach, and monitoring of recycling within their cities.

Residential Recycling

The City of Kerman contracts with Mid Valley Disposal for solid waste and recycling services. Containers are provided by the City on newly constructed homes and Mid Valley replaces containers for existing service customers. Contact Mid Valley Disposal at 559-843-2467 with questions regarding the use of containers, if carts are broken and or if there was a problem with your regular pick up.

Senate Bill 1383 is a state law designed to reduce disposal of organic material in landfills, including edible food, to meet the state's climate goals. Cities are required to establish an edible food recovery program and increase food recovery capacity in your area. Therefore, food generators like yours, are required to donate the maximum amount of their edible surplus food that would otherwise be disposed of in the compost or landfill. Food generators are also required to subscribe to an organic waste collection service for non-edible food. 

City programs are designed to educate edible food generators and increase access to food recovery organizations and services. Your city and Mid Valley Disposal Recycling Coordinators are required to monitor commercial generators' compliance and offer technical assistance to ensure you have the right services to fit your needs.