Weed Abatement Program

WeedAbatPhotoThe City of Kerman manages a proactive Weed Abatement program beginning April 1 and concluding in late summer. Each spring, city staff conducts surveys of all vacant properties within the boundaries of the City of Kerman. Those parcels with weeds, debris and other hazardous materials are listed for abatement action.

The Weed Abatement Program is designed to protect the residential neighborhoods of Kerman. This program is important because tall, dry weeds and debris:

  • Create a potential fire hazard
  • Attract vermin and insects which create a potential health hazard
  • Detract from the overall beauty and desirability of the City of Kerman

The compliance rate by property owners has increased each year. We appreciate your interest and hope the below information helps you understand the City standards for vacant lots and lots with vacant structures.

Thank you for doing your part to keep Kerman clean and safe!

Weed Abatement Process

Declaration of Public Nuisance – The program begins with the City Council, through resolution, declaring weeds and rubbish to be a public nuisance, and an Abatement Hearing scheduled to provide property owners with an opportunity to object or protest the proposed removal of weeds, rubbish and/or refuse from their property.

Notice and Order to Abate – Upon adoption of the resolution by the City Council following the abatement hearing, all properties listed have until June 1 to voluntarily abate weeds, rubbish and/or refuse from the property at their own expense.

Abatement Ordered – City staff will re-inspect the properties beginning on June 1st to determine compliance. If not voluntarily abated by this date, city staff will retain a private contractor to clean the properties.

Cost of Abatement – A bill will be mailed to the property owner for the cost of abatement. The bill will include the cost of the cleanup plus an administrative fee. If payment is not received within 30 days, an assessment on that property will be placed on the County Tax Rolls.

City of Kerman Weed Abatement, Trash and Rubbish Standards

For the purpose of fire safety and to maintain a clean environment, the City of Kerman has a weed abatement program for which the Planning & Development Department is responsible. The following standards apply to all properties in the City of Kerman.

1. All property must be maintained free of weeds, rubbish, trash, litter, tires, tree stumps and other waste materials. This includes that part of property along adjacent sidewalks, streets, alleys and backyards and within the sidelines of the property thereof extended.
2. Weeds, dead growth, rubbish, trash, trimmings, litter or other waste materials that may provide a refuge for rodents or insects must be removed.
3. All rubble, junk, concrete, piles of dirt, etc. that could obstruct or impede vehicles and equipment used for abatement work or fire suppression must be removed.
4. Conditions of a swimming pool, spa, hot tub, pond or other artificially-confined body of water must be maintained in a manner which will not adversely affect the health or safety of the public nor provide a breeding place for mosquitoes.
5. Tumbleweeds must be hauled away.
6. Vacant property must be completely disced or mowed and maintained at a height of less than 4 inches.

Disking Standards for Parcels UNDER Five (5) Acres:
• All disking work should be completed so that weeds, grass, crops, or other vegetation or organic material which could possibly burn, are substantially turned over so there is insufficient fuel to sustain or allow the spread of fire.
• Along fence lines and other places where disking may not be possible, hand work including mowing, weed-eating, or hoeing may be utilized.
• These areas must be free and clear of growth and dead vegetation.

Disking Standards for Parcels OVER Five (5) Acres:
• In lieu of disking the entire parcel, firebreaks may be provided in such a manner that no single fire area shall exceed five (5) acres.
• Firebreaks shall be constructed in such a way as to be a continuous strip of land which is clear of all combustible weeds, grass, stubble, rubbish, or other material which would allow the travel of fire.
• Firebreaks may include fire-resistive vegetation, such as irrigated crops, ice plant, green ivy, and other live plants recognized by the City as being fire-resistive.

Provide 30 foot wide firebreaks around all combustible structures and storage areas.
• Provide 30 foot wide firebreaks along each side of any roads accessible to the public and around all brush areas.
• Provide 15 foot wide firebreaks along each side of fenced property lines, ditches, and creeks.
• Any parcel which is adjacent to developed property must have 30 foot wide firebreaks along the fence/property line Graded fire roads (not less than 15 feet in width) may be done in lieu of 15 feet width of disked firebreaks where specifically pre-approved by the City.
• Abandoned orchards, vineyards, etc., should be completely abated. No firebreaks are allowed

Non-irrigated pasture land being used for grazing must have 30 foot wide firebreaks with substantial cross-disking.

The quality of work will be judged by inspection by the Planning & Development Services Department (559) 846-9386.

Section 8.08.010 Declaration of dirt, weeds and rubbish as nuisance.
All weeds growing upon the streets, sidewalks or upon private property within the city, which bear seeds of a wingy or downy nature, or attain such large growth as to become a fire menace when dry, or which are otherwise noxious or dangerous; and all rubbish, refuse and dirt upon streets, parkways, sidewalks or private property within the city, are declared to be a public nuisance by the City Council of the City of Kerman and may be abated as provided in this Chapter.

Weed Abatement Frequently Asked Questions

When do weed abatement inspections begin?
A survey of all vacant properties will begin on April 1. Weed Abatement Posting notices will be mailed and posted on the property throughout the spring season. A re-inspection will be conducted in May.

When is the deadline for weed abatement?
The deadline for mowing, discing and/or cleaning properties is generally June 1. This date is used loosely because so much depends on the weather during April and May. If late spring rains occur, then properties may need to be mowed or disced several times in order to comply with city standards.

Why did I receive a Posting Notice when my property is clean?
Sometimes a property is cleaned after a property has been initially surveyed. Due to the size of the city, it takes an entire month to survey all vacant lots within the city limits. If you have any doubts about the status of your property, please call the Planning & Development Department at (559) 846-9386.

My neighbor’s house is vacant, possibly foreclosed and the weeds are towering over the fence line. Can I report this property to the Planning & Development Department?
Yes, although individual neighborhoods are not generally surveyed, if complaints are received they will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Remember, the primary condition that will be considered is whether the property poses a fire hazard.

There is debris and garbage on my property, and I didn’t put it there – why am I responsible?
If you are the property owner, then you are exclusively responsible for maintaining the condition of that property.

I no longer own the property, why was I sent a Weed Abatement Posting Notice?
At times, the records are not always up to date. The Weed Abatement Posting Notice is sent to the last known owner on Fresno County’s assessment roll. Please let the Planning and Development Department know immediately that you are no longer the owner, by calling (559) 846-9386. Any new owner information is appreciated.

List of Discers, Debris and Rubbish Removers

This list of discers and trash haulers is provided as a convenience to our citizens. The City of Kerman does not endorse any one person on this list; these are contractors who have contacted the Planning and Development Department to be included on this list. The work done by these individual contractors is not guaranteed. You may call the Kerman Planning and Development Department at (559) 846-9386 for an inspection of completed discing work to ensure the work meets City standards before you make payment. There is no charge for this inspection.

Lawngreen | Dave Byer | 6407 N. Dewolf Ave.| Clovis CA 93619 | (559) 577-4272, (559) 298-0501

Sandoval Farm Services | Edward Sandoval | 4623 S. Willow Ave. | Fresno CA 93725 | (559) 824-8282

Mark Newton | 1507 S. Indianola | Sanger CA 93657 | (559) 307-3023

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