Public Works

Ken Moore, Public Works Director

The Public Works Department provides services in the best interests of the community. They maintain streets, storm drains, streetlights, traffic signals, sidewalks, water treatment/distribution, parks, recycling and Capital Improvement projects.

Working in partnership with our citizens, Public Works professionals are dedicated to providing high quality services with integrity, creativity, and excellence.

Public Works provides:

Street/Right-Of-Way Maintenance
Maintains streets, traffic signs and traffic signals to promote safe and effective thoroughfares, while enhancing the beauty of our community.

Water Services – Manages operations and maintains the city’s water supply and distribution system, providing high-quality water at the lowest possible cost.

Wastewater Management Services –  Maintains, operates and repairs the sewer and storm drainage systems to provide a safe and clean environment for our community.

Storm Water Management – Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the City’s storm drain system and monitoring storm water quality.

Park Maintenance – Maintains the City’s 47 acres of park and all open space assets

Fleet Management – Services and maintains city vehicles and equipment, while managing purchases and replacement.

Bids Request – The City currently has no requests for bids.  Please check back with us later.

Contact Information
Phone: (559) 846-9343
Fax: (559) 846-7488

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
7:00 am to 4:00 pm
(Closed between 12:00 to 1pm)

Physical Location
15201 W. California Avenue
Kerman, CA 93630

Ken Moore
Public Works Director
(559) 846-9388

Denise Isaak
Administrative Assistant
(559) 846-9343 ~ Option 2

Michael Barajas
PW Maintenance & Operations Coordinator
(559) 846-6122

Lydia Madruga
Water Conservation Specialist
(559) 846-9372