Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain a copy of a police report or a traffic accident report?

Complete the Request for Police Report and submit to the Kerman Police Department. Please note there is a $12.00 cost for the report and it may take up to 10 working days to process this request.

I will be out of town for a week. Will the police watch my home?

Yes. Please call (559) 846-6633 to report your vacation information or complete the patrol check form and submit to the Police Department.

When does the Police Department do public fingerprinting?

Hard copies during business hours and Live Scan – by appointment only on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

How can I get my car out of impound?

First, you will need to provide us with the vehicle license plate number or VIN. If the vehicle is currently registered, under most circumstances, we can issue a release. You will be responsible for towing and storage fees to the tow company. You may also be responsible for administrative fees to the Kerman Police Department depending on the situation.

If your vehicle was impounded for driving without a license, suspended license or DUI, it can be held in impound for a period of 30 days. You will have to contact the Records Department at (559) 846-6633, for more information.

How can I get a police employee to speak to my group?

You may contact Kerman Police Department at (559) 846-6633.

How do I start a Neighborhood Watch or obtain crime prevention information?

You may contact Kerman Police Department at (559) 846-6633.

What does it take to become a Reserve Police Officer for KPD?

You must be:
• A US Citizen
• 21 years of age
• Valid Driver’s License
• Pass an in-depth background investigation
• Pass medical and psychological examinations and polygraph test
• Be in possession of a P.O.S.T. Basic Academy Certificate

How can I obtain a restraining order?

The Police Department does not handle the restraining order process. Our duty is to enforce the restraining orders after they have been issued by the court.

To obtain a restraining order contact the Fresno Superior Court.

What can I do about my noisy neighbors?

First, talk to your neighbor and ask for their cooperation. If you need immediate assistance call the dispatch line at (559) 846-8800 or (559) 488-3111.

How can I report criminal activity in my neighborhood?

For any life threatening emergencies, you should dial 9-1-1. For non- emergencies, you may call the call the dispatch line at (559) 846-8800 or (559) 488-3111 to report. Calls can remain anonymous.

How can I commend or complain about a Kerman Police Department employee?

You can call (559) 846-8800 and ask to speak to the supervising sergeant.

What is Megan’s Law and how can I find out if a sex offender lives in my neighborhood?

Megan’s law makes it legal for the public to learn about registered sex offenders in the State of California and in their own community. The information can now be viewed online through the California Attorney General’s Office.

Contact Information
Main Office: (559) 846-6633
Fax: (559)-846-9435

Hours of Operation
Monday and Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday and Thursday
1:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Wednesday – 8:00 a.m. to Noon

Physical Location
850 S. Madera Avenue
Kerman, CA 93630

Joseph Blohm
Chief of Police
(559) 846-6661

Mary Rodrigues
Chief’s Administrative Assistant
(559) 846-6661

John Golden

Chris Nelson
Administrative Sergeant
(559) 846-6655

Wil Barcoma
Patrol Sergeant

Jeff Belding
Patrol Sergeant

Jeff Davis
Patrol Sergeant

Don Ramirez
(559) 846-6633
Fax: (559) 842-0362

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