Animal Control

Dog1It is the policy of the City of Kerman to regulate and control animals in a manner consistent with current laws and City ordinances. Animal Control works to keep the public safe, protect animals, and to help pet owners be responsible neighbors.

Animal control provides the following services:

  • Pick-up, impoundment and disposal of stray animals
  • Enforcement of Animal Laws
  • Bite reports and rabies control
  • Transportation of stray dead and injured animal

The Kerman Animal Shelter is only a temporary holding facility (held for 3 days) and does not conduct adoptions. .


Licenses Fees

Sprayed/Neutered          Not Sprayed/Neutered
1 Year $ 5.00                   $17.00
2 Years $ 6.00                 $30.00
3 Years $10.00                $40.00

Dog License may be obtained at 850 S. Madera Avenue


The City hosts a dog clinic in early spring at Kerckhoff Park. Rabie, Distemper and Parvo shots are provided.  Flea prevention and dewormer services are also available.

Fees For Services
Rabies Shots $ 8.00
Distemper/Parvo $15.00
Best Deal – Rabies/Distemper/Parvo $22.00
Flea Prevention (2 months) Frontline $14.00
Dewormer is Available $ 8.00

Harmful Foods for Pets

Avocados                                  Grapes/raisins
Alcohol all types                        Gum/candy
Chocolate                                  Macadamia nuts
Coffee                                        Moldy/spoiled food
Fatty foods salt                          Raw yeast dough
Garlic                                         Tea leaves
Xylitol (sugar substitute)

Harmful Household Items

Acetaminophen (Tylenol)                                                 Lead (pencils, paint)
Anti-cancer drugs                                                            Lighter fluid
Antidepressants                                                              Lime/scale remover
Bleach products                                                              Liquid potpourri
Cold/flu medications                                                       Mothballs
Detergents/soaps                                                           NSAIDS (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.)
Diet pills                                                                          Oven cleaner sprays
Disinfectants                                                                   Rat/mouse bait
Drain cleaners                                                                Slug/snail bait
Fabric softener                                                               Solvents (paint thinner, etc.)
Fea/tick products                                                           Tobacco products
Home insect products                                                    Vitamins

General Animal Control Request

Please complete the below to request general animal control information.

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Comments and Questions

Contact Information
Main Office: (559) 846-6633
Fax: (559) 846-9435

Animal Control 
(559) 846-8800

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
(The shelter is closed on the weekend.)

Physical Location
Kerman Animal Shelter
15485 W. Church Avenue
Kerman, CA 93630

Kyle Godfrey
Animal Control Officer
(559) 846-8800