Animal Control FAQ

1. Why do I have to license my dog?

Dog licensing and rabies vaccinations are required by the California Health and Safety Code as well as City Ordinance.

2. How many dogs or cats can I have?

Each household may only have three (3) dogs or cats over the age of four months unless the your household has a current home occupation permit, zoning permit or conditional use permit to operate a kennel or cattery.

3. How long are stray animals kept?

State law requires that we hold animals at least three (3) days to afford it a chance for the owner to reclaim or have it adopted. There is a fee to the owner when an animal is reclaimed; this fee covers the City’s cost for caring for the animal.

4. My Neighbor's dog barks constantly. What should I do?

Contact our office via the dispatch line (559) 846-8800 and schedule an appointment with an Animal Control Officer. They will explain the complaint process and discuss options with you. Sometimes the problem can be resolved with a visit from us.

5. Can I call in a complaint and remain anonymous?

We would much rather keep your information confidential and resolve the problem. However, if the complaint results in a criminal complaint being filed you may be called to testify.

6. My dog bit someone. What should I do?

Contact dispatch at (559) 846-8800 right away. A report must be taken and the bite incident documented. It’s important to make sure your animal is confined and you have your most recent rabies vaccination certificate available. The investigating officer will request any additional information needed.

7. Why do I have to pay a license penalty when I never received a reminder?

Reminders are sent out to dog owners as a courtesy. The owner is responsible for making sure all vaccinations and the license are kept current.

8. How long is my pets rabies shot good for?

Under normal circumstances the first rabies vaccination your pet is given remains current for one year. This is regardless of the animal’s age. The second vaccination will remain current for three years. If you have questions concerning your pet’s rabies vaccination status please consult with your veterinarian.

9. I've moved here from another State. Will I have to give my pet a new rabies shot?

Possibly – each State establishes their own rabies control programs, which include vaccination interval and specific vaccine use. Your veterinarian can determine if the vaccine your pet was given was approved for California. An approved vaccine list is available from the California Department of Food & Agriculture Animal Health Division’s website.

10. Why won't animal control staff give me advice on animal health or vaccinations?

Although the animal control staff is very knowledgeable on animal health issues and vaccination protocols, we are not licensed veterinarians. The health of your pet is important; treatment based on a conversation without proper medical diagnosis can be dangerous. Only a licensed veterinarian working cooperatively with the owner can determine what is best for a pet.

11. My animal was picked up running loose. Why do I have to pay to get them out of the shelter?

When an animal is impounded, it is done so for the animal’s protection and public safety. With very few exceptions, the reason for the animal being in the Animal Control Facility is owner related. The owner bears a portion of the cost for the impounding, housing and medical treatment of their animal.

12. Why can't I tie up my dog?

Current state law allows a dog owner to tie their dog to a fixed object for up to 3 hours. The law also specifies that if a dog is tied for more than 3 hours, it must be on a cable runner to allow the animal free movement. There can be severe consequences and fine for not following the “Tethering Law”.

Contact Information
Main Office: (559) 846-6633
Fax: (559)-846-9435

Animal Control 

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
(The shelter is closed on the weekend.)

Physical Location
Kerman Animal Shelter
15485 W. Church Avenue
Kerman, CA 93630

Kyle Godfrey
Animal Control Officer
(559) 846-8800

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