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 Spring Watering Schedule

The new watering schedule takes effect March 2, 2016 through November 30, 2016. Odd Number Addresses are allowed to water on Tuesday and/or Saturday only. Even Number Addresses can water on Wednesday and/or Sunday only. Continue Reading→

Rebate Program

RebaitTo help strengthen our efforts to reduce water usage, the Kerman City Council has approved funding for a limited number of rebates. They will be on a first come – first served basis until the allocated funds Continue Reading → 

Animal Services Adopt-a-Pet

Dog1Open your heart to fostering an animal. The Kerman Animal Services Adopt-a-Pet facilitates the fostering of animals. They also provide information and photos on lost pets.  The physical address of the Kerman Animal Shelter is 15485 W. Church Ave., Kerman, CA 93630. Visit the Kerman Adopt-a-Pet Facebook page at Kerman Animal Services. Remember fostering saves lives. Click here to access Animal Control information.

Almond Festival                     Almond Festival

The 2016 Almond Festival was a great success.

Click here for a video of the event.

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SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe City of Kerman operates the Kerman Transit bus, known as Dial-A-Ride, for residents within the city limits of Kerman and the Fresno County Rural Transit Agency (FCRTA) operates the Westside Transit with services to all of the westside cities. FCRTA is a Joint Powers Authority comprised of thirteen rural cities and the County to provide a coordinated transit system for rural Fresno County. Continue Reading→

The following list provides a description and contact information of emergency services available in Fresno County.

Catholic Charities Diocese of Fresno – (559) 237-0851 – Provides emergency food and clothing.

Central California Legal Services, Inc. – (559) 570-1200 – Assist the homeless with legal problems related to health, welfare, and public benefits.

El Puente – (559) 600-1647 – Provides a 32-unit housing facility (30 to 90 day stay) for families receiving Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC).

Evangel Home, Inc. – (559) 264-4714 – Provides temporary (28 days) emergency shelter to single women and women with children.

Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health – (559) 453-4099 – Provides permanent supportive housing for men and women; counseling, advocacy, street outreach, substance abuse treatment, life skills, mental health counseling and transportation.

Fresno County Economic Opportunities Commission (Fresno EOC) – (559) 498-8543 – Provides permanent supportive housing for men, women and families; transitional housing for transitional aged youth (18-24); Youth Shelter to at-risk, runaway, and homeless youths ages 11 to 17. All programs provide counseling, advocacy, street outreach, life skills and transportation.

Fresno County Office of Education – (559) 265-3000 – Provides services to homeless school age children. The goal is to provide access to educational opportunities.

Housing Authority of Fresno County – (559) 443-8431 – Provides permanent supportive housing to men, women, families, veterans and veteran families, persons with HIV/AIDS and their families; counseling, advocacy, life skills, street outreach and mental health counseling.

Fresno Rescue Mission – (559) 268-0939 – Provides temporary housing, food, and clothing to men, women, and children; residential substance abuse treatment program for men.

Holy Cross Center for Women – (559) 237-3379 – Provides day-care services to women with children, laundry services, rest, shower facilities, diapers, formula, clothing, counseling referrals, computers, English classes, heath training, and crafts.

Holy Cross Clinic at Poverello – (559) 442-4108 – Serving the homeless and uninsured by providing medical care and basic dental services.

Marjaree Mason Center – (559) 233-HELP (4357) – Provides safe house for victims of domestic violence including counseling, case management, advocacy and life skills.

Mental Health Systems Inc. – (559) 264-7521 – Provides permanent supportive housing for women and children; counseling, advocacy, substance abuse treatment, life skills and mental health counseling.

Poverello House – (559) 498-6988 – Provides meals, emergency clothing, showers, referrals, residential substance abuse treatment for men; temporary housing for men and women; advocacy, counseling, life skills, street outreach and transportation.

Naomi’s House – (559) 443-1531 – Provides temporary housing for women only, case management, life skills, street outreach, advocacy and transportation.

Salvation Army – (559) 233-0139 – Provides emergency food, some utility and rental assistance, substance abuse treatment for men and women.

Spirit of Woman – (559) 244-4353 – Provides residential substance abuse treatment for pregnant and parenting women, counseling, advocacy, life skills and mental health counseling.

Turning Point of Central California – (559) 233-2668 – Provides permanent supportive housing for men, women and families with counseling, advocacy, education, life skills, street outreach and mental health counseling.

VA Central California Health Care System – (559) 225-6100 – Provides services to veterans and their families, permanent supportive housing, counseling, advocacy, substance abuse treatment, health care, life skills, street outreach, mental health counseling and transportation.

Westcare – (559) 265-4800 – Provides permanent supportive housing for families, rapid rehousing for men, women and families; services to veterans and their families; counseling, advocacy, residential substance abuse treatment, life skills, street outreach, mental health counseling and transportation.


Kerman’s New Community Based Program Aimed at Addressing Crime in the Community and Building a Stronger Partnership with the Police Department

 The Kerman Crime Free Multi-housing Program is a program that, through the program standards, employs methods that can and will reduce crime inherent to our rental communities. Crime free means a crime reduction since no community can be completely free of crime.

Properties that are part of the “Crime Free” program undergo extensive training and inspection to become certified. The property management attends an 8-hour training session conducted by our police department; the property is thoroughly inspected to meet a set of safety standards required by the program. Following those two phases, the staff will invite all residents to a “Safety Social,” a sort of block party for management, residents, and officers. The main purpose of the Social is to bring everyone together to accomplish a common goal: to make the community safe and alleviate the resident’s fear of crime!

The requirements of being a member of the Kerman CFMH Program are very strict. Drug offenses and gang activity are zero tolerance issues. The program requires Crime Free communities to take immediate action when a resident is involved. Many crimes, as well as harassing and nuisance behavior, can result in eviction, according to the terms of the Addendum.

Applicants are more thoroughly screened for past criminal behavior. There are many factors that can immediately disqualify potential residents from being allowed to live in the rental community. Previous criminal activity, arrests, or eviction from other properties may prevent these people from becoming tenants.

Once a resident has been evicted from a Crime Free Community, they will not be allowed to seek residency in another Crime Free property. An extensive network of CFMH properties exists, and each has access to a database that identifies anyone who has been removed from a Crime Free property.

The certification process the rental community has completed takes a great deal of time and commitment. They agree to follow all program requirements. Failure to uphold the terms of the program may result in being terminated as a member.

The Kerman CFMH Program is implemented through the Kerman Police Department Crime Prevention Unit and program certification began in 2015. Currently there are two apartment complexes that are fully certified in the program. The Hacienda Heights Apartments and the Kearney Palms Apartments have completed all requirement phases and are certified members of the Kerman CFMH Program.

 On March 21, 2016, the Golden Meadows Apartments, the Kerman Plaza Apartments, and the Sunset Apartments completed the first phase of the certification requirement and have begun using the Kerman CFMH Program Lease Addendum. These apartment complexes are projected to complete the certification requirements by June of this year. The Kerman PD Crime Prevention Unit’s goal is to have all rental communities in the city to be certified members of the Kerman CFMH Program.


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